IRLP Node 8730
+5MHz offset
114.8 PL

Be sure to key your radio for a second or two before speaking

Panoramic view from antenna

  • The Node "Idles" on Reflector 9453 after 4 minutes of inactivity.
    Feel free to disconnect and connect elsewhere if there is no local activity.

    (Local users will generate a tail after their transmission)
  • This node is open to all licensed amateurs.
  • You do NOT need to contact the node owner prior to controlling it
  • The node uses standard IRLP codes.
  • Please see the IRLP Operating Guidlines
  • Node codes and their status: IRLP node status
  • The Official IRLP website
  • G4EID's Reflector Status Page

The following User Shortcut Codes are available
73 Node Disconnect
55 Link status
*77 Speak Time
*69 Lists last call waiting, last outgoing, & last incoming call

IRLP 8730

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Steven Passmore, KF6FKK